Self-Guiding Headquarters Tour

historic 1882 limestone barn
Historic 1882 three-level limestone barn

Historic Ranch Headquarters Tours -
(Approximately 1 hour)

Visitors can tour the historic ranch headquarters, prairie overlook, and schoolhouse area using a brochure, wayside exhibits, or listen in with the new Cell Phone Tour. Brochure maps may be found at the kiosk at the base of the hill, at the visitor center, or downloaded from the Publications page.

Cell phone audio tour

Self-guiding Headquarters
Cell Phone Tour

Click on the links below to visit via the internet or you may call (620) 805-3185 and punch in the tour stops to learn about the historic 1881 Spring Hill Farm and Stock Ranch, the prairie, and the one-room schoolhouse.

Historic Buildings and Prairie Overlook

Welcome Greeting
Stop 1: Three-level limestone barn
Stop 2: Stone corrals and fences
Stop 3: Outbuildings
Stop 4: Scratch shed
Stop 5: Chicken house
Stop 6: Carriage house
Stop 7: Ranch house
Stop 8: Curing house
Stop 9: Outhouse
Stop 10:Icehouse
Stop 11: Prairie overlook
Stop 12: Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse

Last updated: August 5, 2017

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