Living History Programs

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve hasVIP patch implemented a new cultural program on weekends during the summer. Come to the Spring Hill Farm and Stock Ranch and experience life from the 1880s by speaking with living history interpreters. You may see farm hands/cowboys building rock walls, roping, honing their carpentry skills, or creating horseshoes. Join in the fun as you help churn butter, make lye soap, do laundry, quilt, or many of the other tasks that were left to the men and women of the ranch.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is always looking for volunteers to share their talents and expertise with our visitors. Have fun and experience life in the "Good Ol' Days". If you would like to be one of our "Very Important People", follow the link to the Volunteer page.

Building soap boxes.
Carpentry skills demonstrated
by the men of the ranch.

Above, Luke Koch builds soap boxes, while Billy Robb makes a tool box.

historic cooking
making a tool box

On special weekends, experience historic
cooking over the open flame as the women
of the ranch prepare dinner for the cowhands.

Women of the ranch demonstrate the fine art of knitting as they discuss the latest news of the ranch.

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