Environmental Prairie Science

Kids learning environmental science
Kids learning environmental prairie science


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 For grades 5th through 7th, this 90-minute curriculum-based program explores the principles of science and their application in a prairie environment on the Southwind Nature Trail, just north of the historic ranch buildings. Students conduct a miniature scientific experiment and learn about prairie ecosystems through games and activities. A full preview of the curriculum guide can be viewed here. 

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Architecture, Biodiversity, Biology: Plants, Botany, Earth Science, Environment, Fire Ecology, Fire Safety, Geology
National/State Standards:
Kansas Standards
Standard 1 - Science as Inquiry; B1 and B3
Standard 3 - Life Science; B4 and B5
Standard 4 - Earth and Space Science; B1
Standard 6 - Science in Personal and Environmental Perspectives; B2

Last updated: April 10, 2015