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Bonito Meadow offers incredible views of the San Francisco Peaks and Sunset Crater Volcano. It is home to prairie dogs and pronghorn antelope alike. During the late summer monsoons Bonito Meadow is covered by a blanket of wildflowers. Check the blog to see the flowers and check in on what's happening in the meadow.

Snack Time in the Meadow

November 30, 2014 Posted by: Dana D.

A group of four Pronghorn Antelope were spotted today in the Bonito Meadow! It looked like they were out in the meadow for a snack! These majestic animals can be found in the Southwest in dry open grasslands and sagebrush areas. Pronghorns are excellent runners and can cruise at 30 mph for up to 15 miles! Lucky I was able to snap a photo of them before they took off!


Snow on the Mountains

November 03, 2014 Posted by: Dana D.

The first sign of winter in Flagstaff has appeared! Snow fell last night on the San Francisco Peaks and blanketed the old composite volcano with a layer of white. Soon the open space of Bonito Meadow will be sporting the same look and once again the seasons will have changed.


The many shades of sunflower....

August 29, 2014 Posted by: Ranger Holly

Did you know that sunflowers could be purple? If you drive through Bonito meadow these days, the road is lined with beautiful small purple flowers ... Cosmos parviflorus. In the sunflower family, these beautiful flowers didn't used to be very common along the road. That changed several years ago when the Schultz fire burned through parts of the meadow. You can still see the fire scars today, in the areas where Cosmos are the thickest. These photos were taken late in the afternoon, my favorite time in the meadow.


Flowers are Coming

August 26, 2014 Posted by: Ranger Holly

Winter isn't the only thing that is coming. The wildflowers are filling in every open space around Flagstaff from Bellemont to Bonito. Although this has been a fairly dry monsoon season, the flowers around Sunset Crater haven't disappointed.


Flowers are Coming!

August 26, 2014 Posted by: Ranger Holly

Winter isn't the only thing coming. Every fall the wildflowers take over any open space around Flagstaff. Even though this has been a pretty dry monsoon season, we've still had a pretty good showing so far. Here are some photos of the meadow from the past week!


Flowers are Coming!

August 26, 2014 Posted by: Ranger Holly

Winter isn't the only thing coming, first we get to enjoy Bonito Meadow filling up with wildflowers. Even though it has been pretty dry this monsoon season, the fall flowers have been amazing around Flagstaff, and flowers on the Loop Drive are no exception. Check out these amazing blooms from the past week!


Early August Blooms

August 18, 2014 Posted by: Ranger Holly

The sunflowers and Rocky Mountain Bee plants are starting to fill up the meadow around the edges.


Welcome to the Meadow

August 14, 2014 Posted by: Ranger Holly

We love driving by Bonito Meadow every morning on the way to work, so we thought we'd start sharing it with you too! Regardless of the season, there's always something blooming or frolicking out in Bonito Meadow.


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