Internship Program

The College and University Internship Program sponsored by the United States Park Police is a unique opportunity for the criminal justice student to participate in the law enforcement operations of this Federal Agency. The goal of this program is for the student to gain a learning experience and to have an opportunity to work with all of the operational units that support the United States Park Police mission of providing law enforcement services to designated areas of the National Park Service. The students do not receive pay for participation in this program, but are awarded credit through their college or university.

Each member of the United States Park Police shall assist the intern in his/her law enforcement endeavor, while remaining cognizant of the nature of the duties in which we assist. Too many routine or unchallenging duties may diminish a continued interest in the law enforcement profession. It is important that we remember that interns are not trained nor can they act as police officers. They are students in the criminal justice curriculum who should be closely supervised and cautioned concerning activities that may be detrimental to their safety.

To qualify for the United States Park Police Intern Program, an applicant must be enrolled in a law enforcement curriculum at a college or university and be recommended by the coordinator of the school's internship program. The Force shall conduct a cursory background investigation of the selected applicants, due to the sensitivity of the information to which they will be exposed.

The student and the coordinator of the internship program for the United States Park Police will develop a schedule to fit the needs of the student that does not disrupt the operations of the Force. A supervisor shall evaluate the student after each assignment and this information shall be provided to the college or university coordinator.

Requirements for United States Park Police Intern Program

  • Provide the U.S. Park Police Force Recruiter with an official college transcript (envelope must be sealed and stamped by the school).
  • Submit two (2) recommendations from the school or two (2) character references, or a combination of both.
  • Submit a copy of the academic requirements for Internship.
  • Complete an Application for Federal Employment (OF-612) or a resumé.
  • Favorable consideration after a limited background investigation.

All interns must be fingerprinted, photographed, and given a United States Park Police Intern Identification Card.

Interns must determine the numbers of hours they need to fulfill their requirements.

Many United States Park Police Stations are not Metro accessible; therefore, personal transportation may be necessary.

The United States Park Police is interested in providing Student Interns with an interesting and rewarding experience. However, there will be times when safety concerns, court issues, and/or emergency situations arise that will limit the Student Intern’s exposure to certain areas or information. Please keep this in mind when making a decision to complete an Internship with the United States Park Police.

Any questions regarding this program should be referred to Sergeant Steven Somers, United States Park Police Human Resources Unit at (202) 619-7056.

Last updated: January 8, 2015