The Urban Agenda in Action

The National Park Service has creatively infused the Urban Agenda's 3 principles into its urban park units, partnerships, and community assistance programs across the country.

Since the Urban Agenda's launch in 2015, a variety of stories, recommendations, and lessons learned have been developed to demonstrate the impact of the Urban Agenda and to inform this work going forward. These products are featured below.

Lesson and recommendations

  • One NPS Workshops Summary

    Workshops were held for NPS park and program staff nationwide. This summary provides a closer look at workshop findings & applications.

  • From the Field
    From the Field

    Short descriptions of work being done to advance the principles of the Urban Agenda in national parks and programs across the country.

  • Evaluation of the 3 Principles in Action

    This formal evaluation looks at the Urban Agenda’s impact in three model cities: Detroit, Tucson, and Boston.

  • Model City Highlights

    Urban Fellows spent 2 years testing out new ways NPS could work with communities. These vignettes encompass stories, successes & challenges.

  • NPS Connections

    These snapshot summaries map out the NPS footprint in major urban centers (internal NPS link)

Last updated: April 5, 2019