Keeping What We Value

Former National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis delivers a speech about the Urban Agenda at the National Park Service Affinity Caucus at Fort Mason, San Francisco in 2015.
CPA Jarvis

Introducing the Urban Agenda

Former NPS Director Jon Jarvis launches the Urban Agenda at the 2015 CIty Parks Alliance Greater & Greener conference in San Francisco.

The Urban Agenda on the Ground

Jenny Johnson and Michael Creasey, General Superintendent for the National Parks of Boston discuss the 3 national parks found in the city of Boston; as well as the NPS initiative Urban Agenda, and the campaign to find your park.
Urban Inspiration

Urban Inspirations

Hear from National Park staff and leaders of other organizations stories of inspiration in parks.
Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration

National Park Service leaders sit down to share their thoughts of what it means for parks and NPS programs to connect with communities.

Diversity and Inclusion in Our Wild Spaces

Last May, a discussion was held in Yosemite National Park about how to improve the diversity of both the visitation and the employment within our parks and wild spaces. See the participants and hear their conversation here.
The Power of Parks
The Power of Parks
For over 40 years, The Trust for Public Land has been conserving land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, and other natural places for generations to come. This video celebrates the positive impact parks have on our lives.

Centennial Songs
Find the motivation in the music and enjoy the hard work of the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) in their new hit song "Centennial!" created to honor our first 100 years and look to our next 100! Join the YAP crew's music tour to 7 national parks.
Adventure time
Find Your Park using YouTube
Mashable and YouTuber Jess Lizama join the #FindYourPark movement, launching a contest to discover all the unexpected and exciting ways the YouTube community finds their park. Journey with Jess as she takes us to her favorite national park.
Let's move outside
Songs for Junior Rangers
New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park produced this song for the album "Songs for Junior Rangers." on the album, junior rangers will find songs about cave formations, glaciers, sea turtles and much more, all of which teach the key lessons, "explore, learn and protect." Along the way, they'll be introduced to musical styles from blues to folk and jazz to hip-hop.
AA experience
Inclusive Stories, Inclusive Sites
Join actress LaChanze as she explores the different National Park Service sites that share the history of African Americans in the US.
Using YouTube to Recruit
The National Parks of New York Harbor put together a recruitment video to reach youth interested in becoming National Park Service lifeguards. Here's a great example of using YouTube to create dynamic recruitment campaigns.
The Way Home
The Way Home: Returning to the National Parks
Take a trip to Yosemite National Park with Park Ranger Shelton Johnson and the Amazing Grace 50+ Club, a Los Angeles-based senior church group to learn more about their efforts to bring more diverse visitors to our national parks.

It's Bigger than Us. It's a Movement
Introducing the HBCUI Program

Initiated by the Washington Office of the National Park Service in 2012, HBCUI was developed to link college students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) to National Park Service sites that have linkages to the African American experience and culture.
Your Park, Your Health!

Gateway National Recreation Area inspires diverse urban audiences to come together in a spirit of fitness by partnering with the American Heart Association, local organizations and a multi-cultural team of interns to bring home the message that national parks are part of community wellness. This model can easily be adapted for use by any site wishing to encourage healthful park-based lifestyle options among potential new user-groups.
Olmstead Legacy
The Olmstead Legacy: America's Urban Parks
Part 1 of a documentary celebrating the legacy of Fredrick Law Olmsted - designer of Central Park in New York City and many other great urban parks and developments across the United States. Co-written and Directed by George deGolian.
Engaging People in Parks

Engaging People in Parks

This video explores science in parks for the 21st century and highlights bioblitz events that have occurred across the country.

Yeah, We're Beautiful
Yeah, We're Beautiful...
...but we are so much more. Learn about what relevancy, diversity, and inclusion mean to the National Park Service.
Next Generation Rangers

Next Generation Rangers

National parks are called "America's Best Idea" and the National Park Service is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. 2016 is a year of celebrations and Arizona will play a significant role. It has 24 national parks and monuments such as Grand Canyon NP, Canyon de Chelly NM, Saguaro NP and Chiricahua NM. The park service is working on the "new crop" of land stewards and trying to attract a more diverse set of workers and volunteers with programs such as Next Generation Rangers Next Generation Rangers.

Last updated: February 7, 2018