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Minidoka Power Plant and Dam
It's electric! See our lesson plan about Minidoka Dam and Power Plant

Library of Congress, Bureau of Reclamation

NEW! Discover Colonel Young's Protest Ride for Equality and Country: A Lightning Lesson from Teaching with Historic Places, featuring the historic Colonel Charles Young House (Lightning Lesson 2)
Trace the paths an African American cavalry officer took in his life and chart the one he took during World War I, riding horseback from his historic Ohio home to confront racism in Washington, DC.

NEW! Discover the Mary Ann Shadd Cary House (Lightning Lesson 1)
Follow the footsteps a free African American woman who defied an oppressive culture and broke barriers in education, newspaper publishing, and law before and after the Civil War.

NEW! The Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Assimilation with Education after the Indian Wars
Discover a historic campus in Carlisle, Pennsylvania,where an American military officer's boarding school experiment brought American Indian children from across the continent at the turn of the century.
Play ball! This lesson uses the Daytona Beach ballpark where Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier to explore racism and sports in American history.
Explore the palace, a symbol of independence, where the last Hawaiian monarchs lived and fought for Native sovereignty in the face of European and American colonization.
Discover the science and early history of hydroelectric power at the historic Minidoka Powerplant, where rural electrification and irrigation changed the lives of early 20th century homesteaders.

NEW! The Rosenwald Schools: Progressive Era Philanthropy in the Segregated South
Discover how community activism and a partnership between a white businessman and a leading black educator built 5,000 schools for African American students in the early 20th century.

Updated! 50th Anniversary of the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act
Learn how the National Historic Preservation Act has affected your community in this lesson, written by Teaching with Historic Places staff and prepared for the History Channel's Make History, Save History outreach initiative.

NEW! Separate But Equal? South Carolina's Fight Over School Segregation
Discover South Carolina's 1951 "separate but equal" school building program and learn about the Briggs v. Elliott case, one of the lawsuits combined with Brown v. Board of Education.

NEW! Arthurdale: A New Deal Community Experiment
Welcome to historic Arthurdale, West Virginia, a New Deal village built from the ground-up for coal miners and their families during the Great Depression.
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