South Dakota

River County Reach Length (miles) Description Potential Classification ORVs Watershed (HUC Code 8) Year Listed/ Updated Other State
Belle Fourche River Meade, Butte Vale, SD to confluence with Cheyenne River 122 Large stream in wide floodplain with good flow; high-priority fishery resource (FWS). Fish Lower Cheyenne 1982
Big Sioux River Minnehaha Upper confluence of Dells of the Sioux River to I-90 Bridge north of Sioux Falls 23 Meandering stream with unique geologic processes visible in area of the Dells of the Sioux River. Cultural, Geologic, Recreational, Scenic Lower Big Sioux 1982
Cheyenne River Ziebach, Haakon, Meade, Fall River, Pennington, Custer, Shannon Slate Springs Draw (Sec. 1, T8S, R6E) to Lake Oahe 245 Wide, shallow, meandering stream bed in broad flood plain with massive, steep bluffs; outstanding wildlife diversity; high-proirity fishery resource (FWS); travel route for Cheyenne, some tipi rings; high potential for National Register quality cultural resources. Cultural, Fish, Historic, Scenic, Wildlife Middle Cheyenne-Spring 1982
French Creek Custer Stockade Reservoir to east boundary Custer State Park 25 Scenic mountain stream, steep canyons; rapids; important petroglyph site. Cultural, Recreational, Scenic Middle Cheyenne-Spring 1982
James River Spink, Brown Columbia Road Dam to US Highway 212 164 Slow-moving, meandering prairie stream; mixed hardwood timber interspersed with thickly vegetated marshes and brushy fields; varied and abundant wildlife community in midst of surrounding prairie environment; important fish production area; historic trading post site. Cultural, Fish, Geologic, Historic, Recreational, Scenic, Wildlife Middle James 1982
Little Minnesota River Roberts Highway 25 north of Claire City to mouth at Minnesota River 53 Cool-water stream supporting trout fishery; area rich in Indianheritage and legend. Cultural, Fish, Geologic, Historic, Recreational, Scenic, Wildlife Upper Minnesota 1982
Little Spearfish Creek Lawrence Headwaters to confluence with Spearfish Creek 14 Exceptionally scenic mountain stream in very deep, narrow canyon; highest-value fishery resource (FWS). Fish, Recreational, Scenic Redwater 1982
Whetstone River, North Fork Grant, Roberts Interstate 29 to mouth at Whetstone River 42 Densely wooded areas; riffles and pools; northern pike population. Fish, Scenic, Wildlife Upper Minnesota 1982
White River Lyman, Melette, Jones, Tripp, Jackson, Shannon, Washabaugh, Pennington Rocky Ford highway (HW 27) crossing to Fort Randall Reservoir 333 Large river in wide floodplain; traverses outstanding badland geologic process; high-priority fishery resource (FWS); known Paleo sites and mammoth kill site. Cultural, Geologic, Scenic Fort Randall Reservoir 1982
Yellow Bank River, South Fork Grant Grant/Deuel county line to MN/SD line 23 Cool water stream with pools and riffles; sustains introduced brook trout populations Cultural, Fish, Geologic, Historic, Recreational, Scenic, Wildlife Upper Minnesota 1982

Last updated: November 30, 2016