April Monthly Themes

April 2022 Monthly Theme: Something New to You

This month invite people to discover something new—an experience, place, story, opportunity. With parks, programs, and partners connecting across the country and world, there is something new for everyone to discover.

More information and resources coming soon.

More April Themes & Activities

Every month, the National Park Service celebrates different national holidays and initiatives that provide opportunities to share our mission through websites, social media, and other platforms. Find information on a related topic on NPS.gov, hashtags that national parks are using, and other messaging tools to use on these special days.

April 1–30: Keep America Beautiful Month

  • Resources
    • Volunteer (nps.gov/volunteer): news, articles of success stories, calendar events, and photos/videos 
    • NPS Careers: stories 
  • Social media hashtags: #KeepAmericaBeautiful, #GetInvolved

April 4-10: National Public Health Week

  • Resources
    • Health & Safety: resources and share them on social media with a personal park/program message
  • Social media hashtags: #PublicHealth, #VisitorSafety

April 6: Anniversary of US Entry into World War I

  • Resources
    • World War I: featured parks, stories, news, and events
  • Social media hashtags: #WWI

April 16-24: National Park Week

National Park Week is an annual official celebration of everything parks! Each day of National Park Week has a special theme to highlight the amazing work of our partners, programs, and park units.

April 16: Park Rx Day

April 24-30: National Volunteer Week

  • Resources
  • Social media hashtags: #NPSVolunteer, #NVW

April 17: Bat Appreciation Day

  • Resources
    • Bats (nps.gov/bats): stories, benefits of bats, threats to bats, and how to help
  • Social media hashtags: #BatAppreciation, #BatsBatsBats

April 18: World Heritage Day

April 22-30: International Dark Skies Week

  • Resources
  • Social media hashtags: #DarkSkyWeek, #RiversNPS, #ParkSkies

April 23: World Book Day

  • Resources
    • Literature & Poetry (nps.gov/literature): stories, featured places, news, events, and kids/education materials
  • Share your  opporunties related to reading and books, such as reading programs in the park, book clubs through cooperating associations, or preservation of books

April 29: National Arbor Day (states also have statewide Arbor Days throughout the year)

  • Resources
  • Social media hashtag: #ArborDay

April 30: International Jazz Day

  • Resources
    • Music (nps.gov/music): stories, photos/videos, and audio files
  • Social media hashtags: #InternationalJazzDay, #MusicHeritage

Last updated: March 24, 2022