Upcoming Projects

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PCIM is a growing organization and is planning to launch several exciting projects. Our current site includes a robust Interactive Learning Center (ILC) with a wealth of insightful immigration population content, timelines, educational tools, and stories. The PCI website is an online portal to information, learning experiences and education sources about immigration and migration to the Pacific Coast - past, present and future.

Our planned and potential projects include the following:

Immigrant Communities in Focus

This feature will include tours of Pacific Coast communities, highlighting the prominent immigrant populations. Other features would include historical context, maps, itineraries, local attractions and businesses, podcasts, walking and driving tours, and photo galleries.

Interactive Learning Center (ILC) Enhancements and Expansion

To take the ILC to the next level, we plan to establish a rich content management system to house and enable ease of access to online content. Once this is established, PCI will expand content across the site (new countries, people profiles, personal stories and history content) and add interactive learning modules for the classroom. Module themes could include Food, Language, and Finding Connections. Additionally, we plan to develop a "Teachers Lounge" section of the website for teachers to track student activity, submit content, customize lesson plans, and collaborate with other teachers.

Expanded Immigrant Story Network

With the online story submission tool already available in the ILC, PCIM plans to gather more stories from immigrant communities across the Pacific Coast. Many will be multi-media stories that incorporate text, audio, still images and videos.

Interactive Calendar

This is a specialized online calendar that includes local events and activities related to immigration education and culture. In addition to availability on the PCI website, the calendar could include alerts, feeds to subscribers, and synchronization with other calendars.

Last updated: January 20, 2017