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"Museums are not just about the past. They can provide a corrective guide to the future. From this perspective, the proposed Pacific Coast Immigration Museum is needed more than ever." -Kevin Starr, Professor of History, University of Southern California
There are compelling stories to be told and issues to explore around the theme of Pacific Coast Immigration. PCI will explore stories that:
  • Focus on the process of becoming an American
  • Explode myths and explore realities of immigration and migration
  • Examine immigration and migration through the struggles of immigrants
  • Look at positive and negative examples of immigration and migration
  • Effect social change through knowledge about immigration
  • Use the search for freedom as a universal thread

Countries of Origin

Explore the culture and history of immigrants' homelands

Notable Immigrants

Read about the immigrant experiences of movers and shakers in business, science, the arts and sports

Personal Stories

Browse our growing collection of immigrant stories contributed by our visitors

Immigration Map

Explore an interactive world map for waves of migration and immigration

Contribute a Story

Tell your own story or that of your parents, relatives or friends

Immigration Timeline

Study a timeline of immigration and migration to the Pacific Coast and associated events in history

Interpretive Themes

Read about our unifying immigration and migration themes

Last updated: January 26, 2017