Reduce Plastic Pollution

The development of plastics has been a key in shaping the modern world, but their benefits have come at an environmental cost. Discarded plastic packaging, fishing nets and ropes take many years to break up. Marine animals can become entangled in them. Follow these 10 tips to help reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

  1. Can it. Use a trash can with a lid.
  2. Tap it. Drink tap water in reusable water.
  3. Stow it. Be a responsible boater.
  4. Butt in. Volunteer and stay informed on legislation.
  5. Remove it. Clean up when you see trash on the coast.
  6. Butt out. Use an ashtray so cigarette butts don’t reach waterways and the ocean.
  7. Recycle it. Go the extra mike to sort and separate items that can be recycled.
  8. Reuse it. Take along your reusable mug, picnic supplies or shopping bag.
  9. Reinvent it. Upcycle plastics you find at home.

Last updated: May 3, 2016


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