111th Congress Supplement XII (2009-2010)

Date Stamp 11th Congress

This is the twelfth supplement to the publication, Laws Relating to the National Park Service, first printed in 1933 and supplemented in 1944, 1963, 1972, 1978, 2000, 2001, 2009, 2010 and 2014.

This volume contains laws relating to the National Park Service enacted by the 111th Congress between January 2009 and December 2010. Similar to the last six volumes covering the 95th–110th Congresses, the text of each public law is the same version used in the United States Statutes at Large (Statutes at Large).

In compiling this volume, a line of stars in the text denotes omitted material. We have made every effort to have as complete and accurate a text as possible. We encourage you to recheck the Statutes at Large if you have any doubt about the official text of any law.

We express our sincere thanks to Andrea Dekoter and Sarah Gamble for their sustained, excellent work in completing this project, and to other staff members of the Office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs for their editorial assistance. We also thank Donna Krause at the Government Publishing Office for formatting this publication and digitizing the volume for Internet accessibility.

We also express our deep gratitude to Donald J. Hellmann, former Assistant Director for Legislative and Congressional Affairs, for supervising the preparation of not only this volume but also Supplements V–XI (covering the 96th through 110th Congresses) during his 22-year tenure with the Office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs. The improvements in organization and referencing in the Laws Relating to the National Park Service that were instituted in Supplement V and that continue through this volume are the result of Mr. Hellmann’s keen sense of order, attention to accuracy, and desire to make it as easy as possible to identify and research park-related laws. His devoted work on these compilations will benefit generations of National Park Service employees and others who find this resource essential.

Melissa Rice Kuckro
Deputy Assistant Director

Legislative and Congressional Affairs

Table of Contents
Laws of the 111th Congress

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