Sister Park List by Country

Argentina Quebrada del Condorito NP Pinnacles NM
Argentina Los Glaciares NP Grand Teton NP
Australia Australian National Maritime Museum WW2 Valor in the Pacific NM
Australia Blue Mountains National Park Yosemite
Brazil Pantanal NP Everglades NP
Canada Pacific Rim/Gulf Islands Marine Pro. Area Olympic NP/San Juan Is. NP
Canada Chilkoot Trail NHS Klondike Gold Rush NHP
Canada Waterton Lakes NP Glacier NP
Canada Bar U Ranch NHS Grant-Kohrs NHS
Canada Pukaskwa NP Pictured Rocks NL
Chile Torres del Paine NP Yosemite NP
Chile Francisco Coloane Marine Protected Area Glacier Bay NPP
Chile Alerce Costero NP Redwood NP
China Huangshan NP Yosemite NP
China Jiuzhaigou NP Yosemite NP
China Mount Yuntai National Nature Reserve Grand Canyon NP
China Baihuashan NP Shenandoah NP
China Wudalianchi Geopark Hawaii Volcanoes NP
China South China Karst World Heritage Site Mammoth Cave NP
China Wuyishan National Nature Reserve Crater Lake NP
China Danxiashan Geopark Zion NP
Costa Rica Monteverde Cloud Forest NP Rocky Mountain NP
Costa Rica Corcovado NP St. Croix River NSR
Cuba Cienaga de Zapata NP Everglades NP
France La Reunion NP Hawaii Volcanoes NP
Georgia Kolkheti Nature Reserve Point Reyes NS
Germany Berchtesgaden NP Yosemite NP
Germany Schwartsvald NP Catoctin Mountain Park
Guatemala Laguna del Tigre NP Big Cypress NP
Indonesia Tanjung Puting NP Big Cypress NP
Ireland Killarney National Park Glacier NP
Japan Sekigahara Battlefield Gettysburg NMP
Jordan Wadi Rum Protected Area Yosemite NP
Korea Jeju Volcanic Lava Tubes Hawaii Volcano NP
Mexico Maderas del Carmen/Canon de S. Elena Big Bend NP
Mexico Paquime NP Casa Grande NP
Mexico Ajos-Bavispe Forest Reserve Chiricahua/Coronado NMs
Mexico Sierra de Alamos Biosphere Reserve Chiricahua NM
Mexico El Chico NP Coronado NM
Mexico Monte Alban/Paquime Arch. Zone Mesa Verde NM
Mexico Alto Gofo de California/Delta Rio Colorado Organ Pipe Cactus NP
Mexico El Pinacate/Gran Desierto de Alar BR Organ Pipe Cactus NP
Mexico San Pedro de Martir NP Grand Canyon NP
Mexico Isla Guadalupe NP Channel Islands NP
Mexico Sierra de San Pedro Martir NP Saguaro NP
Mexico Cuatrocienegas Biosphere Reserve White Sands NM
Mexico Reserva de la Biosfera La Michilia Guadeloupe Mountains NP
Mexico Cumbres de Monterey National Park Yosemite NP
Mongolia Hovsgol & Tengis Shishged NPs Yosemite NP
Mongolia Otgontenger NP Denali NP & Preserve
Mongolia Gorkhi-Terelj Biosphere Reserve Glacier NP
Morocco Toubkal National Park Great Basin NP
Nepal Sagarmatha NP Shenandoah NP
Nepal Sagarmatha, Chitwan & Longtan Yosemite NP
Norway West Norwegian Fjord World Heritage Site Glacier Bay NPPr
Palau Peleliu Battlefield NHL War in the Pacific NHP
Poland Kampinoski NP Indiana Dunes NL
Poland High Tatras NP Rocky Mountain NP
Portugal Peneda-Gerês National Park North Cascades National Park
Serbia Tara NP Blk. Cn. of the Gunnison NP
Slovakia High Tatras NP Rocky Mountain NP
Slovenia Triglav NP Crater Lake NP
South Africa Spioenkop Nature Reserve Lake Roosevelt NRA
Tanzania Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area Yosemite NP
Thailand Khao Yai NP Great Smoky Mountains NP
Ukraine Nizhnednestrovsky Natural Nature Park Timucuan EHP
Un. Kingdom John Muir House John Muir NHS
Un. Kingdom Sulgrave Manor Geo. Wash. Birthplace NM
Un. Kingdom Culloden NP Pea Ridge NBP

Last updated: February 1, 2021