Youth Summits: Savannah, GA, Agenda 2015

Georgia Preserve America Youth Summit, A Day without Landmarks –Savannah's Untold Stories, 2015

Sunday, June 21st

1:00pm Room assignments &check-in at Hotel

1:30pm Welcome, Introductions &Orientation at SCAD Museum of Art

2:30pm Overview and discussion: What is Historic Preservation?

3:30pm Overview tour of Savannah

4:30pm Tour of the Davenport House Museum

5:15pm Scavenger hunt (walking)

6:00pm Return to hotel (walking)

6:30pm Welcome dinner at the SCAD Hive Café

7:30pm Group activity at SCAD Museum Computer lab (walking)

9:00pm Return to hotel for lights-out (walking)

Monday, June 22nd

8:00am Breakfast at hotel

8:30am Experiencing Landmark Sites

  • Visit Massie Heritage Center

9:30am Visit King Tisdell Cottage &Beach Institute Museum

11:00am Bus to Pin Point Heritage Museum

12:00pm Boxed Lunches at Pin Point

1:00pm Tour Pin Point Heritage Museum

2:30pm Lost Landmarks

  • Lost Landmarks bus tour

3:30pm Methods for Saving Landmarks: Before and After perspective –Restoration and rehabilitation

  • Tour in-progress rehab site: P.J. O'Connor House

4:30pm Tour completed rehab project: Lucas Theater

5:30pm Hands-on restoration or repurposing activity

  • Plaster demonstration &Workshop at SCAD's Clarence Thomas Center

7:00pm Dinner at SCAD Hive Café

8:00pm Return to Hotel (walking)

  • Wrap up discussion;thoughts about the day/what was learned

Tuesday, June 23rd

8:00am Breakfast at hotel

8:45am Methods for Protecting Landmarks

  • Document site through measurement &photography: Laurel Grove Cemetery

12:00pm Lunch at Hive Café

1:00pm Service Project

  • Street clean up on West 42nd St. (HSF adopted St.)
  • Cuyler-Brownville Infill Project: 808 W. 42nd St.

2:30pm Unprotected Landmarks –Untold Stories

  • Mini-Charette; brainstorming at Clarence-Thomas Center (CTC)

6:30pm Dinner at CTC

7:30pm Prep presentations to public leaders, community leaders

9:00pm Return to hotel

Wednesday, June 24th

8:00am Breakfast at hotel

8:45am Prep for presentations

10:00am Public presentations at Clarence Thomas Center (CTC)

12pm Final Lunch & Closing at Gryphon

1:00pm Check out of hotel

2:00pm Optional SCAD Tour departing from Poetter Hall (generally takes a couple hours)

Last updated: September 25, 2015

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