NHPA 50th Anniversary

We are pleased to celebrate the National Historic Preservation Act's 50th birthday in 2016. The NHPA is a cornerstone of American historic preservation. It was created in the belief that too many important historic places were being lost to post-World War II development and construction, and that the federal government could (and should) play an important role in protecting places that embody the United States' cultural heritage. Over the past 50 years, the NHPA has been amended numerous times to better serve historic preservation work.

To mark this important milestone, we encourage you to get (or stay!) involved in historic preservation in your community. On this website, you can learn about what historic preservation is and how you can take action. We look forward to continuing our preservation partnerships for the next 50 years, and beyond.

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Visit the Preservation 50 website for more information about the National Historic Preservation Act, celebrations around the country, and the future of historic preservation.

Join in on the celebration by participating in our #50for50 Social Media Campaign beginning in November 2015 and lasting through 2016. Also look for the hashtag #HatsOff2 in order to meet NPS employees who spend their days working in the preservation field.
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In 2016, the National Park Service will also celebrate its 100th birthday. Please visit our Centennial website for more information.

Last updated: October 17, 2016

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