Wayside Grids

Wayside exhibit grids provide a digital framework for creating wayside exhibit production files. The grids are furnished in a variety of sizes and comply with the NPS Sign Program.

Grid Version Requirements:

  • Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3, or CS4 (MacOS or PC-Windows)
  • NPS approved OpenType┬« fonts NPS Rawlinson OT and Adobe Frutiger Std.

Acquiring NPS Approved Fonts

  • NPS staff can download NPS Rawlinson OT and Adobe Frutiger Std from the NPS Graphic Identity Program website.
  • Contractors and partners can obtain NPS Rawlinson OT through their local park contact.
  • Contractors and partners must acquire their own copies of Adobe Frutiger Std from Adobe Systems or from another font vendor.
  • Retrieve an OpenType Font Chart for the NPS typefaces.
36x24 NPS wayside exhibit grid with document guides turned on.

Wayside Exhibit Grids

Version 4 (2019)

This version of the Wayside Exhibit Grids includes these revisions:

  • Addresses transparency issue with the black band and Adobe InDesign: the black ID band for all grids has been converted to a rich black (60/50/40/100).
  • CS2 versions now available (autodate feature disabled - incompatible with CS2).
  • New 24x42 upright grid added.
  • Download the NPS Wayside Grids. - NOTE: These templates are only available to NPS employees who are connecting on an NPS network. Non-NPS users will encounter a "Page Not Found" error.

Last updated: September 23, 2019