Full-Color Flat Artwork

Appropriate Uses

  • Use this arrowhead for color print applications and decals that cannot reproduce fine details.
  • Use for Web pages, PowerPoint slide shows, and audiovisual multimedia applications.
  • For large signs or banners, use the 1-1/2 inches or taller Postscript artwork.
  • Do not use for grayscale or black-and-white applications.

Vector File
This arrowhead can be resized for any purpose
Download Vector File

Important Notes

If you do not have a Postscript printer you must use the Non-Postscript TIF arrowhead to avoid a blurry or pixelated image.

The arrowhead may also appear blurry or pixelated if enlarged beyond the recommended size.

Web and PowerPoint arrowhead files are 72 dots-per-inch (dpi), which is optimal for display on computer screens but not for use in print publications. Use the layered Photoshop PSD files if you want to place the arrowhead on a background other than white or black. Three sizes of arrowheads are furnished for use on Web or PowerPoint programs: small (38px x 50px), medium (54px x 71px), and large (83px x 108px).

Last updated: December 12, 2018