What is Harpers Ferry Center?

We are the National Park Service's Media Center that creates a variety of interpretive tools to assist NPS field interpreters. These tools include audiovisual programs, historic furnishings, museum exhibits, publications, and wayside exhibits. HFC also provides a variety of services including graphics research, interpretive planning, media contracting, artifact conservation, revision and reprinting of publications, and replacement of wayside exhibits.

Services we Provide

Grounded in the National Park Service mission and values, Harpers Ferry Center provides leadership, expertise and support to create media that effectively communicates National Park Service messages to the public. We provide:

  • Assistance with media development strategies;
  • Help with media cost estimates;
  • Answers to technical media questions;
  • Assistance with the planning, design, development, and production of media products;
  • Planning for interpretation, education, and visitor experiences — including GMPs, LRIPs, value analysis, and pre-design charettes.

Contact Us

Harpers Ferry Center has an initial contact point to assist parks with all their media needs. Contact us to get started today.

Last updated: April 11, 2018