Why does it appear that NPS.gov is no longer sending traffic to my website?
In early 2016, we made some technical changes to NPS.gov, including the use of the HTTPS protocol for all webpages in the NPS.gov domain. For website visitors, the move to HTTPS was seamless. However, some entities that do business with the NPS may have noticed that it appeared as if NPS.gov was no longer sending web traffic their way. This happened for some websites because of the way HTTPS works. If an HTTPS website links to a non-HTTPS website, “referrer” information, the data that analytics software uses to keep track of where people visiting your website came from, isn’t sent. Therefore, even if NPS.gov was sending as many or even more people to non-HTTPS websites, it didn’t look like that according to the non-HTTPS website's referrers in analytics. Learn more about HTTPS and referrers in analytics.

Last updated: March 8, 2017