The National Park Service (NPS) provides for leasing of historic as well as non-historic properties in park areas.

Lease Authorizations

A lease authorizes any activity not permitted by a concessions contract or commercial use authorization. All leases must provide for fair market value rent as determined by an appraisal. Reinvested net income funds:

  • Historic preservation

  • Capital improvements of the historic properties

  • Park infrastructure

  • Deferred maintenance needs

How are leases awarded?

Request for Bids

The NPS Director may issue a request for bids if the amount of rent is the only condition for the award of a lease.

Request for Qualification

A request for qualification may precede a request for proposals. The purpose of the qualifications solicitation is to select a "short list" of potential offerors that meet minimum management, financial and other qualifications necessary for submission of a proposal in response to a request for proposals.

Request for Proposals

The Director must issue a request for proposals when the selection criteria is other than the rental rate.

Last updated: August 10, 2018