Annual Overall Ratings Quick Guide

The following is a short guide for completing the NPS Commercial Services Annual Overall Rating (AOR) Workbook. The Workbook was introduced for use in completing concessioner evaluations and completing AORs under the Concessioner Review Program beginning in 2016. The AOR Workbook tools and processes replace those in NPS 48, Chapters 19, 20 and 21. For more detailed information and instructions, see the full user guide below. Instructions are also available on the Instructions and TOC tab in the Workbook, and on each program area page.

Contract Information 1. Complete all yellow highlighted information in the Contract Information tab for the contract being evaluated. This information will automatically populate in the other pages.
2. Check all service types applicable to the concessioner at the bottom of the Contract Information tab.Note: evaluation scoring will not activate until the Contract Information tab is completed.
Program Areas 3. Complete Program Area pages in the workbook (can be completed in any order). Instructions for completing each page are located at the top of the tab.

Required Program Areas:
Administrative Compliance (10-ADM)
Operational Performance (10-OPR)
Risk Management (10-RMP)

If applicable Program Areas:
Environmental Management (10-EMP)
Public Health (10-PHP)
Asset Management (10-AMP)
Annual Overall Rating 4. Go to the Annual Overall Rating (10-AOR) tab for the final score summary (score is calculated automatically as Program Area pages are completed).
5. Complete Table 3: Evaluation Narrative / Comments. Narrative assessment of the concession’s performance is required.
6. Print this tab for the superintendent’s signature in the appropriate box in Table 2: Final Superintendent Approval / Signature. The AOR is not valid unless approved by the superintendent.
Signed AOR 7. Upload signature page to the Signed AOR tab.

Last updated: August 10, 2018