Citizen Science Projects

Someone uses a phone to photograph an insect in another person's hand

NPS/S. Muether

There are many citizen science projects in parks. Some involve analyzing historic documents in a park’s archives. Others focus on documenting artifacts at an excavation of a historic building. Biodiversity-focused projects might identify species or the breeding success of birds. Environmental studies might look at change over time, like mercury levels in dragonfly larvae. Follow the links below to find different types of projects.

A special note for users of iNaturalist, eBird, and related platforms: You can make observations in any national park! Park staff will have access to the observations you upload, even if they don’t have an organized project.
composite image of black and white historical and modern views of the same area

Environmental Change Projects

In a dynamic and changing world, citizen scientists can help detect and monitor large scale changes and natural processes.

A ranger helps two people sort a specimen tray.

Biodiversity Projects

Explore Citizen Science work related to plants, animals, insects, and more!

Adults and children gather around a grinding stone

Culture and Heritage Projects

Hop into human history with projects focused around archeology, heritage, and cultural resources.

Rangers and students walk along a dirt road in the forest

Citizen Science Events

Browse upcoming Citizen Science events around the country.

Last updated: September 25, 2018