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The 2018 Planning Grant cycle is closed.

FY2018 Battlefield Project Grants

Once a year as part of its grants program, the ABPP invites proposals for battlefield preservation projects. Since 1990, the ABPP and its partners have helped protect and enhance more than 100 battlefields by co-sponsoring 429 projects in 42 states and territories. Individual project funding has ranged from $5,000 to more than $80,000; the average grant is $32,000. The ABPP encourages, but does not require, matching funds or in-kind services to these projects.

For additional information regarding the Grant Agreement Package and accompanying forms, please visit the ABPP Planning Grant Grantee Resources page.

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Grant Projects
The ABPP supports projects that lead to the protection of battlefield land and sites associated with battlefields.

Types of projects that support this goal may include:

Site Identification and Documentation Projects
- Historical research
- Resource surveys and inventories
- Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places
- GIS/GPS mapping

Planning and Consensus Building Projects
- Acquisition, strategic, and preservation plans
- Studies of land related to, or adjacent to, publicly owned and
protected battlefield lands
- Management, landscape, and stabilization plans
- Interpretation plans
- Preservation advocacy and consensus building within a community

Interpretation or Education Projects
- Brochures stressing preservation
- Interpretive programs stressing preservation techniques
- Sign development and design

The ABPP Battlefield Grants do not fund land acquisition or capital improvement projects. For more information on acquisition grants visit the
Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants web page. Projects associated with lands already owned by the National Park Service are not eligible for ABPP grants.

The average ABPP Battlefield grant roughly follows the timeline below:

January - close of application acceptance
February to April - technical review team ranks applications
April to May - project activities are evaluated and may be adjusted with top applicants
July - grant awards are announced
August - grant budget and agreement signed and work may proceed. Grantees travel to Washington, DC for ABPP grant project training
October - announce the new Fiscal Year (FY) grant availability

Battlefield Land - Sites where armed conflict, fighting, or warfare occurred between two opposing military organizations or forces recognized as such by their respective cultures (not civil unrest).

Associated Sites - Sites occupied before, during, or after a battle at which events occurred that had a direct influence on the tactical development of the battle or the outcome of the battle. A site must be associated with a battle in order to be considered an Associated Site.

NOTE: The grant guidelines and application form on this site are examples only and are subject to change.

Example Grant Guidelines
Example Grant Application Form
Adjustments to the form's layout, margins, or spacing will result in disqualification of the grant application.

Please contact the
ABPP Grants Manager if you have questions about the ABPP's grant program. The ABPP encourages potential applicants to contact the ABPP Grants Manager and discuss proposed projects before preparing an application.

Last updated: January 24, 2018