Find Bats in Parks

More than 45 species of bats live in our national parks across the U.S. Some live in caves or mines and others like to hang out in trees or rocky cliff faces. Click on any black dot on the map below to find out how many species of bats are confirmed in that park. The red dots mark parks that haven't identified bats in NPSpecies, but range maps show that certain species of bats are likely to be there. You can click through to the park's website and learn more about each national park.

To learn more, read Study says 'Unprecedented threats' to bats in National Parks by Dana Kobilinsky, or read the original report on species of bats in national parks, A macroecological perspective on strategic bat conservation in the US National Park Service, by lead author and NPS Ecologist Tom Rodhouse.

Last updated: August 17, 2020


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