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Load, Ready, Fire!

Students pretend to load a Civil War cannon.

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 A park ranger or volunteer will demonstrate and explain the drill performed by the eight soldiers that make up a full-sized Civil War artillery detachment. After the demonstration, groups of students will attempt to perform the drill with supervision from the park ranger or volunteer. After the student drill the ranger/volunteer will direct a brief discussion focusing on team work and the concentration needed to effectively fire a cannon in the middle of a battle. He/she will support the discussion points using primary sources in the form of excerpts from soldier letters and diaries.


Civil War, Engineering, Military and Wartime History, Physical Fitness
National/State Standards:
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.5.1 & 5.3; W.5.2; RI.5.4; L.8.4;  RH.6-8.3 & 6-8.4; SL.8.3 & 8.6; W.8.2.D,8.3.B; MATH.CONTENT.5.MDA.1;TN SS 5.11 (G, H, TN); 5.14 (C, H, P) &
8.77 (C, E, H, P, TN); 8.80
Civil War
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