Pedestal Renovation Progress

What's Happening Behind the Scenes at Liberty Island?
On October 29, 2011, the Statue of Liberty's interior spaces closed for a year-long renovation project that will address safety and accessibility issues within the Statue's pedestal base. This blog was created to provide periodic updates on the renovation progress.

While the interior spaces of the Statue of Liberty remain closed, visitation to Liberty Island continues. Views of the Statue will remain unobstructed and Park Rangers will continue to provide activities and programs.

Demolition Inside Pedestal Nearing Completion


Two staircases, an elevator and several platforms have been removed from the inside of the pedestal.

Statue of Liberty NM - February 7, 2012 - Construction crews have made consistent progress on the pedestal's interior demolition.

Two staircases, rest and observation platforms and a five-story hydraulic elevator have been removed from the inside of the Statue's base. Staircases have been cut away and removed in 3,000lb pieces. The pedestal is now an open shaft, with little more than structural support beams remaining in place.

Construction crews gain access to the top of the pedestal by a temporary staircase erected along the pedestal's inside wall. Work crews harness themselves in while working on locations where the flooring has been removed.

Once demolition is complete, construction crews will begin building an enclosed elevator shaft and two new staircases that better meet fire and safety codes.
Renovation Work Continues During Mild November


Material is delivered and removed by a boat that uses three stilts to rise up to the height of the dock.

Statue of Liberty NM - December 5, 2011 - A mild November has allowed for renovation work to continue at a steady pace.

A calm harbor is one of the many requirements for renovation progress as all material delivered or removed from the island must be done so by boat. An odd-shaped boat with three protruding stilts makes daily visits to Liberty Island. Once in position, the stilts are pushed towards the harbor's bottom. The boat can be elevated to the height of the dock, allowing the boat to service the island regardless of the tide conditions.

A mild November has also kept the Statue of Liberty a top destination. Thousands continue to visit the island daily; Park Rangers have increased the number of public programs to accommodate the large crowds.
Statue's Pedestal Closes Today for Renovation Work



Construction workers begin to prepare a staging area for material.

Statue of Liberty NM - October 29, 2011 - Following yesterday's 125th anniversary celebration, all interior spaces of the Statue of Liberty have closed for a long-anticipated renovation project.

Visitation to Liberty Island will continue throughout the project and views of the Statue of Liberty will remain unobstructed.

The renovation project includes installing code compliant stairways within the monument; updated mechanical, electrical and fire suppression systems; a new set of elevators and rehabilitated restrooms.

Some of the exterior progress can be tracked online through EarthCam's Statue of Liberty web cameras. The "Crown Cam" captures the construction staging area. The project is expected to finish by the end of 2012.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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