Boston & Maine, Dining Car, #84

Boston and Maine Dining Car #84 in orange paint.
Boston & Maine Dining Car #84 in orange paint.

NPS Photo

Boston and Maine Railroad, Dining Car #84
Dining Car, #84. Class: DPA.

Built by Pullman Car Company, December 1930 as part of the series #84 - #87. 6-wheel trucks (heavyweight). Originally featured leaded windows and Federal-style decor in the dining section copied from a house built in 1825 in Salem, MA. Renamed from "Maine" to "Mountaineer" after June 1947 remodeling as a diner-lounge while keeping the number 84. Seating: 22 in diner and 14 in lounge. First heavyweight diner placed in service on the Boston & Maine, and the last retired in December 1959. Sold to F. Nelson Blount in December 1959.

Last updated: August 15, 2016

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