Stebbins's Regiment Return

Overall image of the 12 by 16 inch paper sheet
Printed on British crown water-marked paper, this regimental paper form was adapted to the emergency. A regiment typically had no more than ten companies. The eighteen companies listed possibly comprise a command formed under Col. Stebbins over various militia companies from the area.

Courtesy: collection of Richard Graves Arms, Jr.

Provision Return of Col. Joseph Stebbins's Regiment for three days 24th, 25th, & 26th Jan., 1787 - dated January 26th, 1787

This recently discovered document, written the day after the attempted storming of Springfield Arsenal by Shays rebels, lists eighteen militia companies, their commanders, composition, strength, what they brought to the battlesite for food and drink, and what was supplied them. The 649 men listed comprised at least half of the defending force.

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the left half of the Provision Return

the right half of the Provision Return

the reverse of the Provision Return

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