landmark m1s

first production M1 rifle on the right
The last experimental Garand semi-automatic rifle, serial #80, on the left with the first production US M1 Rifle, serial #81, on the right.

Springfield Armory NHS archives, US NPS

Serial Number 81 SPAR1370

The first completely machine-made Garand has serial number 81. Garand was instrumental, not only in designing the weapon, but also in designing the machine to produce it.

M1 sn 100000
US M1 Rifle, serial #100,000

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Serial Number 100,000 SPAR1363

US rifle sn 2000000
The receiver stamping of US M1 Rifle, serial number 2,000,000

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Serial Number 2,000,000 SPAR913

US M1 rifle sn 3000000
The reciever stamping on the 3 millionth US M1 Rifle

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Serial Number 3,000,000 SPAR1362


Serial Number 6,084,405 SPAR912

The final regular production M1 Rifle made at Springfield Armory


Last updated: February 26, 2015

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