Dev of M1

The prototype rifles leading to the M1 Rifle

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

John Garand at work
John Garand was a hands-on weapons and procuction engineer.

Springfield Armory NHS archives, US NPS

A Successful Semi-Automatic

John Garand spent the better part of his life perfecting a semi-automatic rifle. On several occasions, as he was within reach of success, the Army changed its specifications, altering the caliber from .30 to .276 and then back again. In the process Garand altered the operating system from primer actuated to gas. Despite the frustrations, he met with success on the eve of World War II, when his rifle would meet its severest test in combat throughout the world.

VIDEO - US M1 Rifle operation

Biography of John Garand


British, Springfield & Rock Island semi-auto rifles c.1916
British, Springfield Armory, and Rock Island Arsenal semi-automatic experimental rifles, c.1916

Springfield Armory NHS Archives, US NPS

Experimental semi-automatic rifles at Springfield Armory, 1900-1919

Experimental semi-automatic rifles at Springfield Armory, 1919-1931, other than Garand's and Pedersen's weapons


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