Platte Plains Trail

Several loops totaling 14.7 miles

Mostly flat. Some short, steep hills on the Lasso Loop and some moderate hills along the intermediate level ski trail segments

Primarily pine-oak-aspen woods with some open fields and pine plantation

Three views of Lake Michigan

Platte Plains Trail Map
Platte Plains Trail Map

NPS Map 2006

Platte Planes Trail
Platte Plains trail from Otter Creek toward Otter Lake.

Kerry Kelly 2007

The Platte Plains trail system has about 15 miles of trails through the maple-beech and pine forest that gives the hiker access to Otter Creek, Otter Lake, and Bass Lake. There area also several access points to Lake Michigan. Part of the trail follows a 2-track road from Esch Road and Otter Creek.
Otter Creek from the Trail looking downstream.
View of Otter Creek from the Platte Plains trail near the trailhead.

Kerry Kelly 2007

Otter Creek is the home of an abundance of wildlife including otters, fish, and a variety of birds and waterfowl.
Otter Lake
View of Otter Lake from Platte Plains Trail

Kerry Kelly 2007

Otter Lake is a beautiful home for wildlife. There are several access points to view or reach Otter Lake.
Bass Lake Dock
Bass Lake Dock at Trail's End Rd.

Kerry Kelly 2007

Put your canoe or kayak into Bass Lake at the trailhead at the end of Trail's End Rd. There is a vault toilet and little dock.


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