Barratt Pig Barn

The Barratt Pig Barn is located in a field east of Port Oneida Road about 1 mile north of M-22. It was built by Fred Baker and his son-in-law, Jack Barratt in the late 1940's and is constructed of black walnut timbers from the Kelderhouse residence that was located at the original Port Oneida townsite. The former townsite and residence were located directly west of the barn, and are marked by a large clump of lilacs.

Mr. Barratt stated that black chalk markings from Buffalo, NY were on the timbers and the structure contained remnants of newspapers from the 1860's. The small, gambrel-roofed barn sits several hundred feet from the eastern side of Port Oneida road at the edge of a large wetland.

Barratt Pig Barn
Barratt Pig Barn

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