Esch Road Beach

Otter Creek at Esch Road Beach
Otter Creek at the Esch Road Beach

Kerry Kelly 2005

This beautiful beach is located at the mouth of Otter Creek. It is fun to wade in the warm water of the creek. Walk up the creek to see a variety of wildflowers that line the banks. The creek outlet to the lake can move north or south depending on the wave action on the lake. It can look different each time you visit.

Esch Road is located about 3 mile south of Empire on M-22. Turn to the west and follow the road about 1 mile to Lake Michigan. You can park along the road and there are bathroom facilities.

This is the site of the former little logging village of Aral. Take time to read the interpretive sign that describes the logging activities that made this an active logging town and port.

Beach at Esch Road
Beach fun at Esch Road.  Note Empire Bluffs in the background.

Kerry Kelly 2005

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