DH Day Farm

The D. H. Day farm, comprised of 400 acres, was also known as "Oswegatchi" after the New York community where his father was born and the Oswegatchi River where D. H. Day played as a boy.
A large, rounded roof barn with two cupolas in the roof and large twelve-paned window and two small outbuildings
D.H. Day Barns

Scott Jackson for Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear

Day grew hay and corn to feed his 400 hogs and prize herd of 200 Holsteins. The farm is just south of Glen Haven and has a large white barn and several out-buildings that stand as a landmark of the agricultural heritage of this area. The buildings were built in the 1880s and 1890s.
DH Day Farm
DH Day barn and out-buildings.  Photo taken from the field to the south of the buildings.

Kerry Kelly 2006

This view of the DH Day barn and out-buildings shows the architectural symmetry that defines this farm. Out-buildings were used as a hog barn, creamery, and bull barn. The farm can be seen from the top of the Dune Climb or from along M-109. This property is privately owned, so please do not trespass.

Last updated: August 26, 2021

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