Lesson Plan

Glen Haven Post-visit Activity

Yesterday’s blacksmith is today’s mechanic, tool and die maker, welder, …

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Grade Level:
First Grade-Fifth Grade
Agriculture, Community, Conservation, Ecology, Economics, Education, Entrepreneurs, Family Life, Geography, Government, History, Landscapes, Maritime History, Reading, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Sports, Transportation, Writing
About 1 hour
Group Size:
Up to 36
sailor, shop keeper, Keeper, surfman, Blacksmith, timber framer, lumberjack, logger, sawmill worker, locomotive engineer, laundress, seamstress, maid, cook, Warehouse, cordwood, tramway, workers housing, crew’s quarters, Inn, General Store, ticket office, commercial fishing, protected anchorage, Life-Saving Station


In this lesson students will reflect on the experiences they had while visiting Glen Haven and connect that experience to current events. They will recognize the mission of the National Park Service and how it relates to them.


After completing this lesson, the student will be able to 

  • Compare life today with life in a maritime village in the past
  • Recognize their role in remembering (preserving and protecting) the past and recording the present for the benefit of future generations.



 Students can demonstrate what they have learned by sharing and explaining their choices with the class.