Share your Sitka Centennial Photos

As we continue to plan and implement celebrations for our centennial, we'd like any meaningful or entertaining photos of yourself and/or your friends and family participating in any of the Sitka National Historical Park or Sitka Cultural Center events.

We will use these photos on this website and future publications. They will also be used for a final photo slideshow in February, 2011.
How To Submit Your Photo(s)

To submit your photos, please attach them to an e-mail, and send them to It may be easier to attach one photo per email, if you wish to submit multiple photos.

It is not possible to submit photos directly through this website. If you would like instructions on how to e-mail your photos to us, please contact us.
Submission Guidelines

When submitting photographs, we'd like the following information from you:
  • photographer's name
  • the photo's title, subject, and/or location taken
  • the date the photo was taken
We will delete all photos after the reunion, unless you specify otherwise. If you wish, however, we can add your photo to the park photo archives. In that case, your photo will enter the public domain and may be added or removed at any time from our online photo galleries and webpages. We will only keep your photos in the park photo archives if you instruct us to do so.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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