Citizen Science: Physical Science Applications

A man walks through the forest with a backpack and hard hat on.
Learn technical skills for physical science field work.

U.S. Forest Service photo.

The U.S. Forest Service Ranger Office in Sitka works diligently in our community, through the use of rigorous physical science, to study areas potentially at risk for landslides as an early detection measure. This work is crucial for the safety of our community and our access to public lands.

As part of the Summer Field Science School, participants will walk the local trails and explore landslide risks and learn about physical science and landscape processes. Activities may include looking at exposures, describing the stratigraphy we see, and coring trees to determine ages. We will look at vegetation to understand indicators—what plants indicate wet conditions? We will also learn to use some of the tools commonly used by U.S. Forest Service field-going employees; these could include clinometer, compass, GPS, maps, air photos, tablets, and more!

Last updated: May 8, 2018

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