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Reporting Requirements for SHPO Historic Preservation Fund Grants

On this page you will find:

Annual End-of-Year Reporting
The End-of-Year (EOY) Report is the opportunity for States to describe the accomplishments achieved with their annual HPF awards and matching share. The report provides a framework for NPS to compare actual results achieved to the planned performance specified in the grant application. EOY Reports provide documentation on the completion of the closing grant and the first year of the active grant. EOY Reports are due by December 31, which is 90 days after the end of the Federal fiscal year September 30.

Reporting Submitted to HPF Grant Manager

Reporting is a combination of the HPF Online database entries and the following reports, submitted directly to your grant manager:
  • SF-425 Federal Financial Report Form Submit two SF-425s: one for the closing year reporting on the full two-year grant period; one for the first year of the active grant.
  • SF-428 Tangible Personal Property Reports SF-428 is a coversheet. SF-428A Serves as an inventory of equipment purchased with the with grant funds for the active year grant. SF-428B will be submitted when the grant closes out. The SF-428C is submitted when a grantee wants to dispose of federal property while the grant the property was purchased with is still active. SF-428S is not required but can be used to help the grantee fill out the forms or to provide detailed individual item information. You can also download the full SF-428 series.
  • Products produced under the grant, including sub-grants. Copies must be submitted, either digital or hard copy. Check with your grant manager if you are unsure of what to submit. You should also review your grant agreement for details on optional digital submission of work products, naming conventions, and how to complete a file index of transferred files.

Reporting Submitted or Accessed through HPF Online

Contact your grant manager if you need your login information. The components submitted in the HPF Online database are:
  • Project Activity Database (PADB Reports)
  • Cumulative Products Tables
  • Carryover Statement (must be printed, signed and mailed or scanned copy to NPS)
  • Non-federal Matching Share Report (For the Closing Year only, cumulative for the two-year grant period; should equal the match on the CLG report and the SF-425 for the closing year.)
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Also, please make sure your State Historic Preservation Plan is current and that all Special Conditions of your grant agreement are met. Here is a good example of documentation of grant agreement compliance; this is not required, but could be a helpful tracking tool.

Mid-Year Reporting
To assist with changes in HPF requirements and to resolve issues before the EOY Reporting period, SHPOs may wish to do a mid-year check-in. Most importantly, ensure that all potential/actual sub-grants have been added to the PADB and notify your grant manager when complete. Also provide documentation for NEPA, and /or National Historic Landmark property projects, if applicable, using HPF Online. Remember, projects affecting NHLs require both a Project Notification and a Final Project Report. Everything can be submitted electronically to your grant manager. Remember: HPF Online can be updated at any time, not just in preparation for the End-of-Year report. HPF Online can be used for electronic submission of NEPA and NHL documentation.

Documentation Needed for NHL Work Photographs/Plans/Specifications can be submitted electronically or via mail on a CD.
Project Notification Form and Instructions; remember, you'll also need to submit a Final Project Report

DO-12 list of Categorical Exemptions to NEPA (Under Revision)
Interim Guidance: Director's Order 12 - Categorical Exclusions (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions on Reporting

What is reported where in the 2019 End-of-Year Report?

Here is an example using specific dates.
Cumulative Products Table
Quantitative data of work accomplished in the time-period of Federal Fiscal Year 2019 (October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019). This includes all accomplishments regardless of whether it was funded by 2015 HPF money, 2016 HPF money, or matching share.

PADB Reports for 2018 (Closing Grant)
These reports cover the projects funded by the 2018 closing year grant (the grant at the end of its two year period) and relay the activities accomplished during the two-year term of the grant beginning October 1, 2017 and ending September 30, 2019.

PADB Reports for 2019 (Active Grant)
These reports cover the projects funded by the Fiscal Year 2019 Federal grant award and relay the activities accomplished during the first year of the grant period, beginning October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019. You will update these reports at the end of next year (2020) to close out the 2019 grant.

Where can I find additional materials to assist me with completing the reporting?

Training Materials
State, Tribal, Local, Plans & Grants Division YouTube page

2016 EOY Report Refresher

SF-425 Federal Financial Status Report- A How-to diagram

A schedule of available webinars and training opportunities providing guidance on completing the End-of-Year Report and other aspects HPF grant management is available on our calendar of upcoming trainings and events.