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State Historic Preservation Office Grants

Since 1970, the State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices have received up to $56.4 million in annual matching grants through the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) to assist in expanding and accelerating their historic preservation activities.

Funding is used to pay part of the costs of staff salaries, surveys, comprehensive preservation studies, National Register nominations, educational materials, as well as architectural plans, historic structure reports, and engineering studies necessary to preserve historic properties.

All HPF-assisted activities must meet standards set by the Secretary of the Interior, and at least 10 percent of the allocations to the States are subgranted to assist Certified Local Governments for locally based activities.

Upcoming Deadlines and Changes
End of Year reports for FY13 and FY14 grants were due on Wednesday, December 31, 2014. States and Territories enter program accomplishments and other reporting requirements in the HPF Online database. The URL for the database has changed. It is now:

Several significant changes to OMB Circulars have been incorporated into a new "Supercircular." Grant recipients are encouraged to review these changes located in the Code of Federal Regulations at 2 CFR 200. Additional changes are higlighted in the "Application" section at above right.