Senior and Access Passes

The "Senior" and "Access" versions of the America the Beautiful Pass - the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass - are good for a lifetime. In addition to being available online and at outlets, you can receive them by mail.

The Access pass is free and the Senior pass is just $10. There is a $10 processing fee to receive either pass by the mail.  

To get your Senior pass through the mail, just submit a completed application, proof of residency and age, and $20. The fee covers the cost of the pass and a document processing fee. You can print out an application at this website:

Once the application package is received and the documentation verified, the pass will be mailed to you.  

The application for the Access pass is also available at

To receive the Access pass, mail the completed application along with proof of residency and documentation of permanent disability plus the $10 document processing fee. Once the application package is received and verified, the pass and the documentation of permanent disability you provided will be mailed to you.  

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