Shenandoah's Fall Color

Fall 2018


November 14

Fall is already making way for winter, but we wanted to say "Thank You" one more time to all the photographers who helped us capture Shenandoah's 2018 fall. Here are a few last photos that came in. Now, on to winter!!

November 9

I think we can all agree that last weekend was the peak weekend for fall color in 2018 in Shenandoah. But, that doesn't mean there's nothing to see. Although there are some leafless trees out there, there is still plenty of beauty. The views are fantastic and the weather is just right for hiking. As always, thanks to our photographers. We appreciate all that you've done to help us keep up-to-date on 2018's fall.

November 2

This is IT, folks! Fall has arrived in Shenandoah! Thanks a bunch to all the photographers!!

October 26

Fall is finally starting to make an appearance, especially in the south district. And here's a tip: the lines to enter are not as long at the Swift Run (Route 33) and Rockfish Gap (Afton Mountain) entrances! Here's this week's gallery! Thanks to all the photographers who submitted photos!

October 19, 2018

There's still lots of green, but our photographers are still finding plenty to capture. It's a great time to look for other signs of the season: clear, beautiful skies, fluffy seed pods, fantastic night skies...and what about those bucks? The deer are readying for mating season, so be extra careful around them!!

Many thanks to all our photographers!

October 12, 2018

Waiting patiently...

A few flashes of color out there; the maple at Meadow Spring Parking seems to be the star of the show! Temperatures plummeted last night and are forecast to stay cool, so we are hoping this will inspire Mother Nature to debut her 2018 awesomeness. Stay tuned!

Here's what was submitted this week! Thanks for the wonderful photographers who have shared their work. Get on up here and join the fun! (See submission details above!)

October 5, 2018

Still in search of autumn...

It's still very green out there, but a few intrepid souls were able to find a flash or two!

September 28, 2018

In search of autumn…

Traditionally we begin our annual “Fall Color Report” the last week in September so yesterday I ventured out in search of signs that autumn is actually going to find her way through the rain and fog at some point this October and present us with her usual grand display of splendor. I headed to the Big Meadows area and my cohort headed north.

While most everything is still very green, albeit wet, there are some hints. We (my cohort and I) offer a few photos we were able to snap through the fog as proof! And, I suspect that the cool temps the last couple of days and forecast for the near future will hasten autumn’s arrival. We’ve captioned the photos as to location.


Last updated: September 20, 2019

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