Overall Run

Overall Run Trailhead is located in the North District at mile 21.1 on Skyline Drive. Here you can find the beginning of the Overall Run Falls hike and the Traces Trail hike.

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Downloadable map with trail descriptions. PDF (1.21 MB)
Suggested Hikes
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Overall Run Trailhead Map

Downloadable map with trail descriptions. PDF (1.21 MB)
*Best if printed in color.

Suggested Hikes

Hike #1: Overall Run Falls

Distance: 5.1-mile round-trip
Difficulty: moderately strenuous
Duration: 4 hours
Elevation Gain: 1,291-feet

Follow Traces Trail to yellow-blazed Mathews Arm Trail. Turn right. At the intersection with Tuscarora- Overall Run Trail, turn left. Follow the trail to a rock viewpoint from which Overall Run Falls is visible. Retrace your steps to return to the starting point.

Hike #2: Traces Trail

Distance: 1.7-mile circuit
Difficulty: easiest
Duration: 1¼ hours
Elevation Gain: 333-feet

Follow the blue-blazed Traces Trail around the campground, returning to the starting point.
Overall Run Waterfall cascading down a rocky cliff-face illuminated in the sun.
Did You Know?

Magic Water
"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."
–Loren Eiseley

Waterfalls have always been magnets for hikers. They are some of the most popular hiking destinations in the Park for lots of reasons. Waterfalls are refreshing, especially on a hot day. They are therapeutic;the sound of water rushing over rocks, combined with the smell of clean water works wonders on a world-weary psyche. Just looking at a waterfall—watching the water swirl and tumble over rocks on its way to the ocean—is balm for the eyes. There are nine major waterfalls in Shenandoah National Park;Overall Run Falls is the tallest. However, it's fed by a small stream, so it's also the first waterfall to dry up in summer. Hike to Overall Run Falls in the early spring if you can, when the melting ice and snow make for a more spectacular cascade. But, if you are here when it's dry, don't worry—there are still beautiful views of Wilderness along this trail.
Before You Go!
Emergency: 1-800-732-0911
(Cell phone service is unreliable)

  • Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  • Do not attempt to cross streams during icy conditions or flooding.
  • Be sure you are physically able to complete the hike you've chosen.
  • Take plenty of water—at least a quart per hour.
  • Be sure you know your route. Free maps are available at entrance stations, visitor centers, and www.nps.gov/shen
  • When you return from your hike, check for ticks.
  • Be sure someone knows where you are and when to expect your return.
  • It's dangerous and potentially deadly to climb on the rocks near waterfalls.
  • Filter or treat water from streams before drinking.

Last updated: March 3, 2015

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