A Timeline of the Great Depression


To understand the events in history and what they mean for us today, we need to think of them "in context." What else was going on in the world at that time? How did people think and react? What were the laws and accepted social views then?

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Journaling Jumpstarts

  1. You are a reporter for the local newspaper. Interview several people of different ages - the oldest person you know, your parents, a teacher, a friend - about their impressions of the Great Depression. Write an article that compares and contrasts their feelings.

  2. The economic crises of the 1930s began during President Herbert Hoover's term. He was (is) blamed for the Great Depression. Even today, the president gets blamed for much of what happens during his presidency. Is it accurate/fair/right to blame the president, one person, for whatever happens during his term? Explain why or why not.

  3. You have the task of helping the unemployed who cannot support their families in your town. What would you do? Would you give them money and hope that they spend it on things that will create jobs? Or would you create jobs and have them work for the money? If so, what would you have them do that would improve their lives and the community? Explain how you would set up your program.

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