CCC: A New Deal to Rebuild a Nation

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The Civilian Conservation Corps, called the "CCC," was a work relief program designed to ease the effects of unemployment during the Great Depression. Part of President Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal," the CCC employed thousands of young men (and a few women) across the country in conservation work.

This interactive curriculum teaches the fundamentals of social and political history through the events of the Great Depression using the stories of real people, real experiences, and real places of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

"CCC: A New Deal to Rebuild a Nation" contains five parts. In parts one through four you will watch an introductory movie and then work through an interactive. Part Five begins with an interactive and then there is a final movie.

As you go through the curriculum, you will be asked to record your thoughts and reactions in a journal. Your journal will be a great way for your teacher (and you) to track your progress.


Begin by watching the introductory movie in Part I. Have your journal handy so you can record your thoughts and opinions. Just follow the directions as you come to them. If this is part of an assigned curriculum, your teacher may assign particular questions from the journaling suggestions. If not, choose those that most interest you. If you don't complete the unit during one session, use the navigation table above to return to where you left off.

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Teachers: Click here for information about teaching this unit and to see national and state standards correlations.

Last updated: December 5, 2017

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