Work Well Done


There's an old saying that goes "Many hands make light the work." Everywhere you look throughout our country, you will find work accomplished by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

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Journaling Jumpstarts

  1. Pick a place you love and write about it. Where and what is it? What do you do there? Why do you love it? Next, do some research and find out how it came to be. Who owns it? How did he/she/they acquire it? How do they maintain and care for it? What was their hope for it? Does your love for this place fulfill their goal(s) for it? Was it been easy to acquire and/or build and is it easy to maintain or has a lot of effort gone into having and keeping it? Explain.

  2. Share the places and a bit of information from #1 with the class. Then, discuss. Are some of your places the same? Are some of the places public places that are owned by all of us? Are some of the places maintained through volunteer work?

  3. What work would (or do) you do for free? Church? Scouts? Other organizations? Friends? Family? Why?


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