Falcon Nesting 2007

falcon cam static image nest 2 (3/18/07)
Nest#2 3/18/2007 after laying one egg.

NPS Photo

Nesting Information 2007:

  • Pair were around off and on all winter but began courtship in late February.
  • First egg was laid: 3/12/2007.
  • First egg lost: 3/15/2007
    unknown reason.
  • Pair moved to nearby scrape Nest#2 3/17/2007 and laid a new egg.
  • Second Egg Lost: 3/20/2007
    Possibly a racoon.
  • A racoon was trapped and relocated from the area. The falcons have been showing some interest in a third nest site (camera 3) but no additional eggs have been seen.
  • Male seen of and on through out the summer and early fall.
  • The male and the female adult were seen at the cliff site 11/14/2007 exhibiting pair bond behavior and nest defense.

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