Public Participation

Staff members at Shenandoah National Park are required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other federal laws to make a diligent effort to involve the public in decisions and actions of the agency.

The public plays an essential role in taking care of our national parks. Park decision making is vastly improved when the diverse perspectives and ideas from the public are considered. Park planners need and want to hear from you ... One comment can make a difference.

Why is commenting important?

Although park planners and resource managers often have very specialized knowledge of an area, it would be impossible for them to know all the issues of importance to the hundreds of thousands of visitors to that area — this information needs to come from the visitors themselves. Park plans are more thorough and park management and operation is improved because of the members of the public who have chosen to participate in decision-making ... YOUR comment CAN make a difference.

Public participation in park planning is solicited through a number of avenues. Press releases are issued, notices are posted in local newspapers, and in some cases, press conferences or media events may be held. Public comment has most frequently come to the park via letters and statements received during public meetings.

In 2005, the National Park Service launched a website - the Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) system - that provides access to detailed information on current projects. Links to PEPC are located throughout this planning site. Public comments on planning efforts can be submitted via the PEPC system. Please Note: PEPC is intended as a clearinghouse for public comments on PLANNING efforts. Comments regarding park operations should not be submitted via PEPC.

Alternatively, to submit written comments or questions, please send correspondence to:

Shenandoah National Park
3655 U.S. Highway 211E
Luray, Virginia 22835

The National Park Service has prepared two fliers that will guide the public through the process of making comments on planning efforts:

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