National Park Foundation Youth Programs

National Park Foundation Youth Programs

It is vital that our children have a connection to America through our national parks so that they can develop the sense of pride and ownership necessary to be the future stewards of these magnificent places

Junior Rangers

Junior Rangers: Supported by the National Park Foundation, Junior Rangers is the premiere program to introduce kids and families to the treasures of the national park system.

The program has three goals:

To engage children in learning about history and nature by participating in activities that enhance their national park experience

To extend the program’s reach to underserved audiences so that all parks can establish Junior Ranger programs

To develop and promote respect of, and appreciation for, our national treasures

WebRangers: America’s parks offer an incredible experience full of wonder, history and excitement. But when you can’t be in a park, WebRangers (, the online extension of the Junior Ranger Program, allows kids to have an interactive experience beyond the typical park visit. Re-launched in 2005, with support from the National Park Foundation, and Best Buy Children’s Foundation, WebRangers lets kids enjoy all kinds of activities—including animal quizzes, story writing and science experiments. The program encourages self-paced exploration resulting in a deep understanding of a place and an appetite to learn more.

Junior Ranger Ambassadors: Sponsored by the National Park Foundation, the Junior Ranger Ambassadors program brings education and design students from colleges across the nation to help parks design, deliver and promote Junior Ranger programming. They focus on making the Junior Ranger activity booklets relevant and exciting, and on developing strategies to engage under-served audiences. This past summer, grants from the Foundation brought 30 Junior Ranger Ambassadors to parks across the country. Junior Rangers by the Numbers

Electronic Field Trip Program

The National Park Foundation is proud to work with the Electronic Field Trip Program ( at Ball State University (BSU) to connect school children with their national parks. Using cutting-edge technology, the National Park Foundation, BSU and the National Park Service, with additional support from the Best Buy Children’s Foundation, have delivered programs at various parks throughout the United States.

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